Martell Webster, Will Bynum & Corey “Homicide” Williams Doin’ Work In Harlem

Reviving a brand that rocked the basketball community in the mid-’90s is no easy task. But if anyone can do it, it’s Martell Webster, Will Bynum, and New York playground legend Corey “Homicide” Williams. With their passion, personalities and hard work, they’re bringing Above The Rim back to forefront of the game.

Some of our favorite stars like Kenyon Martin and Baron Davis have worn the label, and these three cats are carrying on tradition – one which also includes mentoring kids in the inner city as part of the A.T.R Project.

We got up with Martell, Will, and Corey at Harlem’s John F. Kennedy Community Center to watch them shoot their newest commercial and ask them a few questions about the summer they’ve spent with ATR.

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