Marvel’s New Mosaic Character Is A Professional Basketball Player Turned Superhero

Basketball players often seem capable of inhuman feats on the court, yet as far as we know, none of them actually are Inhumans, that is to say, none can trace their lineage back to genetic tampering by the alien species known as the Kree, other than perhaps Karl Anthony-Towns. This October, professional basketball and Inhuman powers will collide in Marvel’s Mosaic, which will center on Morris Sackett, described as a cocky professional basketball player who loses his physical form and must resort to inhabiting other bodies to survive (taking over someone’s body must be at least a Flagrant 1).

Sackett’s latent abilities are activated during an encounter with Terrigen Mist, which as you probably know, is a mutagen that transforms the biological makeup of Inhumans. Mosaic is written by Geoffrey Throne and will feature art by Khary Randolph, and they describe their hero as “sort of like a parasite or a virus made of energy.” That’s…nice.

So what do we know about Morris “The Stride” Sackett? Well, we know he’s somewhat full of himself and his teammates loathe him, so he may be a bit of a locker room cancer. Is he a shoot first combo-guard? An undersized tweener? What team does he play for? Does his team bombard you with the pick-and-roll or are they bizarrely obsessed with the Triangle Offense? The standard answer for questions such as these is: read and find out! However, you’ll notice his headband game is strong, so he’s definitely not a member of the headband hating Utah Jazz. Mosaic is a bit of a long-con, as Marvel has been teasing his existence for several months now, which indicates they’ve got a lot of faith in this sassy body-stealing, basketball playing hero.

Mosaic #1 will be available in October. Until then, here’s a free ten page comic available to whet your appetite.


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