Marvin Bagley Responded To Damian Lillard’s Diss Track With One Of His Own

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While the NBA Draft was unfolding on Thursday night, Marvin Bagley Jr. and Damian Lillard were engaged in an ongoing rap beef. After Bagley proclaimed himself the best rapper in the NBA during an appearance on First Take before challenging Lillard to a rap battle, Lillard struck quickly, dropping the appropriately titled “MARVINNNNNN!!!???” on Soundcloud.

Bagley didn’t remain silent for long. The Sacramento King dropped “No Debate” in response, a track that features lines like “your bars out of style/it feels like you’re retired homie,” which, as far as NBA diss lines goes, is fine.

Lillard, who apparently has a lot of time on his hands and unlimited studio access, came back at Bagley with another track, this one entitled “Bye Bye,” featuring artwork of Lillard waving farewell to the Oklahoma City Thunder after he hit that dagger three to send Portland to the Western Conference Semis. That response earned a rebuke from Bagley on his own follow up track, entitled “Checkmate,” which probably wins for best artwork of the entire batch.

Will this beef ever end? “Checkmate” dropped Friday morning, and there hasn’t been a response from Lillard as of this writing, so perhaps this thing is over. There’s only so much offseason NBA rap beef one can take, and I think four tracks in the span of 24 hours has exceeded the yearly quota.

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