Mason Plumlee Made Two Young Fans’ Night After He Was Shoved Into Them By DeAndre Jordan

Sitting courtside at an NBA game isn’t exactly like having front row seats at a Gallagher show. If two gigantic men come tumbling toward you, there isn’t a tarp at your feet to protect you from being splattered. Nevertheless, sitting in those high-priced seats should always be a thrill for any fan, even if they’re about to be clobbered by Big Baby Davis or, in this case, Portland Trail Blazers center Mason Plumlee.

While most fans and experts were focused on Blake Griffin’s sick block or Chris Paul’s deviously dirty style, the under-the-radar (or perhaps one-sided) feud between Plumlee and Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan escalated after the former was apparently shoved out of bounds by the latter. Reggie Miller was downright shocked that Jordan wasn’t called for a foul as the play happened, and only once Plumlee gently touched Jordan on the waist in anger did the refs gather to reconsider the call on the floor.

In his previous battles with Lob City, Plumlee was “posterized” by Jordan and embarrassed not once, but twice by Blake Griffin. This time, though, Plumlee becomes the hero that fans deserve against the very evil Clippers team, because there are children involved, dammit, and this brouhaha made one of them cry!

Fortunately, Plumlee tracked the kids down and turned those frowns upside down. The Clippers, meanwhile, were probably breaking all of their favorite toys in the parking lot.