Matt Barnes And Derek Fisher’s Feud Was Settled In A Game Of EA Sports UFC

The weirdest story in the NBA in 2015-16 has been the feud between Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher. Basically, Fisher started dating Barnes’ estranged wife, which did not sit well with the 36-year-old Grizzlies forward. The two got into some kind of altercation, and Fisher expanded on the incident in a letter that he wrote for Sports Illustrated.

Fortunately, it seems like this entire incident is behind both guys. Fisher has kept a low profile ever since he was fired by the New York Knicks in February, while Barnes has been playing a ton lately with the various injuries sustained by other members of the Grizzlies. But still, there are probably some people who wanted to see a little more out of this beef other than various anonymous reports that hit the web every few weeks.

Someone decided to do something about this. A YouTube user made Barnes and Fisher on EA Sports’ UFC and had the pair throw hands. Well, “throw hands” isn’t an accurate description of the fight, as Barnes ended up knocking out Fisher in a minute and 15 seconds.

Were these two to ever fight, odds are it would go for more than 75 seconds. It’s probably for the best that we’ll never know whether or not that’s true, though.

(via For The Win)