Matt Barnes Posts Epic Instagram Diatribe About Rihanna, Derek Fisher And The ‘Worst Year Of My Life’

01.01.16 3 years ago 2 Comments
matt barnes IG post

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Matt Barnes had a rough 2015, and he wanted everyone to know it on the eve of 2016. In an Instagram post for the ages, Barnes addresses multiple juicy storylines from a 2015 that saw him leave the Clippers for the Grizzlies in free agency last summer after advancing to the Western Conference Finals with them.

First, though, lets run through all the events he addresses in his lengthy IG caption.

Matt Barnes claimed he was seeing Rihanna, but she said it was a lie. He responded that he’s “too grown to lie.” That last rebuttal was funny to us because as we’ve grown older, we’ve noticed more and more liars of all ages.

He also cursed out James Harden’s mom in last season’s Western Conference Finals against the Rockets. He later apologized, but then later went after Dwight (which is OK, we guess, since everyone does these days).

He signed with the Grizzlies over the summer, but not before throwing his old coach, Doc Rivers, under the bus by saying his old coach “couldn’t wait to get rid of me.”

Then came his fight with his former coach and teammate, Derek Fisher, which was awful on a number of different fronts, the worst being the presence of his crying kids as it all went down.

That wasn’t the end of the Fisher brouhaha. Barnes later blamed Fisher for snitching to the NBA and the police about the fight. The scuffle ultimately led to a two-game suspension worth around $64,000.

So, yeah, that’s a crappy year. But how does Barnes explain it all? Well, primarily by blaming everyone else, including Rihanna for lying, Derek Fisher for dating his ex behind his back, and his old team for not wanting him.

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