Matt Barnes Might Have Started A Fight After Chasing John Henson Into The Locker Room

Contributing Writer
03.17.16 7 Comments

It’s no surprise to see Matt Barnes involved in an on-court mix up – it’s kind of his thing. But after a Flagrant 1 foul was called on John Henson in the 4th quarter of the Bucks game against the Grizzlies, Barnes seemed to take even more exception than usual.

According to Milwaukee announcer Gus Johnson, Barnes warned several times that he’d meet Bucks players in the locker room and he just might have kept his promise. In the final seconds of the game, Henson swatted a Barnes shot attempt into the stands and gave him a stare down complete with a hilarious game face. Barnes was obviously not amused, and after both players were subsequently ejected he sprinted toward the Bucks locker room just as he promised.

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