Matthew Dellavedova Got Mobbed By His Former Teammmates After Getting His Championship Ring

Life is complicated. Things happen, people grow apart, and change is the only constant. In the NBA, players get traded, waived, or opt to take their talents elsewhere. Some splits are amicable, some not so much. It depends on the circumstances. When a team wins a championship, for instance, that tends to forge a lifelong bond.

So earlier this week, when Timofey Mozgov returned to Cleveland to face his former team, he got showered with love from the fans and his teammates upon the presentation of his championship ring. It was a beautiful gesture, so the Cavs have obviously decided to set a precedent by doing the same for Matthew Dellavedova on Wednesday night.

Delly built a reputation during his time in Cleveland as an unrelenting menace to opposing point guards, as well as a capable shooter and distributor. It’s why the Milwaukee Bucks signed him to a four-year, $38 million deal in the offseason, and it’s why his former teammates had nothing but love for the feisty Aussie when he was presented with his championship ring prior to tip-off at The Q.