Matthew Dellavedova Taken To The Hospital For ‘Severe Cramps’ Following Game 3

After a Game 3 performance that saw backup Cavs point guard Matthew Dellavedova score a career playoff high 20 points, on 7-of-17 shooting from the floor, five rebounds and four assists, he did NOT speak with media. That’s because the Aussie spark plug was getting an IV before going to a local hospital in an ambulance for more treatment after experiencing what Marc J. Spears of Yahoo reports as “severe cramps.”

While Delly was saved from fawning after the game by deliriously happy reporters excited to write an underdog story about the Aussie backup who stymied the 2015 NBA MVP for seven quarters before Stephen Curry broke out in the final session last night, his teammates were not. Neither was Cleveland’s coach.

“He’s had games like this,” David Blatt said after the game. “You may be surprised because you don’t follow us all season. But he’s had some games like this. I don’t even know that it’s a matter of confidence with Matt. I just think he plays as hard as he can every day,” David Blatt said after the game. “He plays right. He’s not afraid. He plays courageously. And everybody on his team has his back. It’s not an issue of confidence. He is going to give you whatever he has.”

“He will leave it all on the floor every single play,” added Iman Shumpert. “Get cut in the face, elbowed, scratched and (Delly) keeps on fighting.”

“I mean, I know one thing I’m going to count on Delly…is how hard he’s going to play,” LeBron James said from the podium after the game. “He’s going to give everything he’s got. His body, he’s going to throw his body all over the place. And he’s going to compete at a high level however many minutes he’s out on the floor.

“It was great to have someone like that out on the floor that was willing to sacrifice everything for the better of the team.”

And by everything, James really means everything, since Delly couldn’t even face the media after the game of his life on the biggest basketball stage in the world. He was too busy recovering, which is as it should be. Likewise, he’ll never pay for a drink in Cleveland again.

(Via Yahoo and asapsports)