Cavs Guard Matthew Dellavedova Is The Inspiration For This New Sports Movie

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Matthew Dellavedova became both a folk hero and a villain over the course of the 2015 playoffs. The scrappy young Aussie scratched America’s underdog itch with his heroic Game 3 performance in the NBA Finals. But America isn’t the only locale infatuated with Delly. The Sidney Morning Herald reports Dellavedova has inspired an Australian sports movie:

The life of Australian basketballer Matthew Dellavedova, who rose from rural Victoria to play in Wednesday’s NBA finals, is being turned into a Hollywood production…

The fictional story, based on Dellavedova’s rise, will follow the tale of three young Australian basketballers who are drafted to play basketball for a US college.

The idea originally started three years ago when Delly came to America to play collegiate basketball. Now that he’s become something akin to a household name, the project has hit the ground running and could have major actors starring in the film.

True Detective‘s Woody Harrelson and Hotel Rwanda‘s Nick Nolte have both been approached to play the boys’ coach.

The film will follow three Australian boys as they transition from Australia to America in order to play college basketball. Robert Galinsky, the film’s executive producer and screenwriter, says the film won’t be an exact biography of Dellevadova’s life.

“It won’t be Matthew’s life story or autobiography, but will be inspired by his exploits in Melbourne and overseas, and we’re meeting with his management in the next couple of weeks,” Galinsky said.

The next step in Matthew Dellavedova’s ever-growing brand is to have a terrible Lifetime biopic made about him. Delly may be out of Cleveland’s regular rotation next season, but his brand right now may be second only to LeBron.

(The Sydney Morning Herald)

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