Australian Matthew Dellavedova Has A Good Reason For Believing The Kangaroo Punching Video Is Fake

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The internet was captivated over the weekend by the video of a dude punching a kangaroo in an attempt to save his dog. As it turns out, this happened on a hunting trip back in June, and the man who squared up and threw a punch to stun the animal didn’t exactly throw a haymaker.

But as is the case with everything that happens, there are people who look for reasons to raise questions about the validity of videos on the internet. Rarely do those people play point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, but today, we learned that Matthew Dellavadova is a kangaroo punching video truther.

Ostensibly because Delly is a native of Australia, someone decided to ask him his thoughts on the viral video. Namely, he was asked if he thought the whole thing was real or fake. Dellavedova didn’t answer the question directly, but his response told us everything we need to know.

Sure, it’s kind of asinine to think that a person would have seen a human fighting a kangaroo in the past – I am willing to wager that next to no one has ever seen a human throw hands with a wild animal before – but if Delly has reason to be skeptical, that’s his prerogative.