The Mavs Got Another Bench Decorum Fine, This Time For $100,000

Whenever someone from the Dallas Mavericks scores a tough bucket, the bench erupts in celebration, popping up to support their guys, but sometimes they wander too far out in their excitement and have now been slapped with a bench decorum fine from the NBA on three separate occasions.

The latest comes after a Game 2 loss in San Francisco in which they saw the Warriors erase a 19-point deficit, but in building that double-digit lead, the bench strolled out onto the court, flexing and preening in celebration, earning their steepest fine yet: $100,000. The league keeps doubling their fines for each violation and while their fine from the Game 7 blowout in Phoenix was more than understandable, it’s a tougher pill to swallow coming out of a loss.

It’s pretty clear at this point the Mavs bench isn’t going to be making any major changes to how they act during games, and as such Mark Cuban might not be done cutting checks to the league. At this rate, the next one would cost him $200,000, as they keep doubling each time, and Mavs bench mob leader Theo Pinson clearly isn’t a fan of his group getting punished for their excitement.

Cuban will probably be happy to donate some more money via another fine if it means the Mavs can finally pick up a win in Game 3, causing bench excitement. Getting fined for guys celebrating too much in what becomes a loss is when it becomes far less ideal.