Mavs Keep Talking; Philly Keeps Shopping Iguodala

Look who’s at it again. After making some disparaging remarks towards D-Wade and LeBron after Game 3 (calling the duo “great actors”), our boy DeShawn Stevenson is back again – this time calling out LeBron for “checking out” in Game 4. Now usually Abe’s commentary has us thinking “What did he say?” but this time the dude might be on to something. We just don’t get how a guy that big/talented couldn’t get to the rim. Four FTs. That’s more telling than his 3-of-11 line. DeShawn reminded us that D-Wade had it going (and he did), but how about the Heat get them both going at the same time? Isn’t that the point? Stevenson also said that LeBron’s passive offense is a positive for Dallas. Preach on brotha … It looks like Dirk‘s 102-degree fever hasn’t fully subsided a day after his German-Jordan “flu game,” but plans to be ready for Game 5. For perspective, Tyson Chandler said Dirk could barely speak during walkthrough the day of Game 4. Dude’s got balls … Kobe still won’t talk about Mike Brown. At an event to promote his new foundation, 24 wouldn’t speak on it. Not a good sign … As the state of New York waits for the replacement of Donnie Walsh, they all just let out a satisfying sigh of relief. Today, sources revealed that the Pistons have Isiah Thomas (along with Bill Laimbeer) on their short list to replace John Kuester. Is this a real possibility after Thomas’ last coaching stint (in NYC) was an epic disaster? No. Will it put a city of 8.1 million people to bed tonight? Maybe. If all the rumors of Isiah’s return to the Garden brought you to the bottle last week (raises hand), then here’s your sobering cup of coffee. Drink up … If you’ve been waiting a few years to find out the 76ers plans with Andre Iguodala’s contract, you’re gonna be waiting longer. After rumors flew around like a middle school clique about a deal that would swap Iggy with Golden State’s Monta Ellis, a brand new rumor is catching some traction. This time Iggy gets sent straight-up for Chris Kaman, his Youtube fireworks clip and his soon-to-be expiring contract. This definitely makes some sense for Philly: get some financial flexibility to couple with their budding talent. But this works on the flip as well, netting the Clippers a defensive stopper and third scoring option to put alongside Eric Gordon and that dude who dunks on tigers. Wow, a trade that actually makes sense! … Chuck’s doing his thing, again calling out Miami for having the “worst fans” and being a “whiny bunch.” Barkley keeps whispering sweet nothings into the ears of South Beach residents, who have started their share of “Barkley sucks” chants during these playoffs. Chuck may have a point – Dallas fans have been rabid animals compared to those in Miami – but c’mon dude, you gotta lock it up. You can’t wear out your Miami welcome, that place is freakin’ beautiful. You’ve got to patch things up, Chuck, in case you need one of those Miami getaways … David Stern said the players and owners are “far apart” on a new labor deal, but at least they’re talking … The NBA fined Gilbert Arenas for comments on his Twitter account, which he then defended himself by going back on Twitter to yap some more. Can’t they just let this man give away free sneakers in peace? … The Big O made some noise, saying he doesn’t believe MJ is the greatest ever, and says if you didn’t see older generations play, then you can’t speak on it. That’s cool, except it only cuts out 95% of the NBA fanbase, and just leaves people either too ancient to know what a dime is or those that can’t stay up past the second quarter TV timeout … If you didn’t catch the contest yesterday, we’re handing out two opportunities to customize your own adidas adiZero Crazy Lights. These joints are so light, they float. Seriously … We’re out like Sir Charles’ beach pass.

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