The Mavs And Pacers Had An Hilariously Terrible Series Of Possessions On Opening Night

Contributing Writer

Even though NBA players are mostly against a potential Space Jam sequel, it looks like that movie might have been filming in Indiana on opening night when a series of follies made it look like the Pacers and Mavericks had their talent stolen by tiny, animated, evil-doers. In a clip practically made for some “Yakety Sax” action the Monta Ellis and the Mavs team up for three separate turnovers in about 11 seconds.

First Wesley Matthews tries a full court pass that’s Brock Osweiler-esque and easily picked off by Monta. Then, Monta tries a spin move at half court and boots it straight to Dirk Nowitzki. Now, if Dirk simply picks the ball up the string of awfulness ends there, but nope, he decides to bend over and roll the ball, backwards, to Wes, almost like a football snap. Naturally that fails, and the ball slowly makes its way to Wes, leaving just enough space for one more fail.

This time dirk doubles down on his silliness by jumping in the air to do, something, maybe shoot, before he changes his mind and tries a pass that nobody was looking for. The ball simply bounces out of bounds, ending the saddest 11 seconds of basketball this season so far. To add more insult to already enough insult, Ellis promptly turned the ball over, back to Dirk, just six seconds after the timeout. No word yet on if basketball was set back 100 years or not, but whatever the case the consequences can’t be any worse than what the Seahawks and Cardinals did to football last Sunday night.

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