McLovin Got In A Fight With Frank Isola On Twitter Over The Knicks And ‘Pitch Perfect’

Twitter is usually a terrible place filled with fanboys and abusive types who want to threaten you or tell you why you’re wrong about a sports opinion that doesn’t really matter that much to you. It’s where we go to make fun of Donald Trump and see people live-tweeting sporting events like they are sending out information over a teletype in 1918.

But other times, you get a Twitter fight between New York Knicks writer Frank Isola of The Daily News and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, the actor who played McLovin in a movie that came out nine years ago.

Oh, and the movie Pitch Perfect devolves into the crux of each man’s argument.

This was an argument that had been waiting to be discovered since April 12, when Mintz-Plasse replied to a tweet from @knicksdude requesting that Isola go away.

A month later, Isola found the tweet or someone showed it to him, resulting in the beginning of a great snark-off between a basketball man and a guy who plays nerds in movies professionally.

Score this one for McLovin. Isola, in theory, had a month to come up with something better than that. He wouldn’t have made it to the second round of Around the Horn with that weak burn. Mintz-Plasse apparently loves Boston sports, so he doesn’t want Isola there, because he doesn’t want Isola ruining Boston with bad sports writing (which is funny in an oblivious sort of way because I’d rather read the details of how I’m going to die than the average Boston sports column).

A) Pitch Perfect ruined Pitch Perfect by being Pitch Perfect, and B) I’m going to take Frank’s word for it that this guy was in this movie because I don’t remember it and don’t feel like looking it up.

Was Pitch Perfect funny? Was it supposed to be? If you like the drama of who will win a singing competition interspersed with jokes about how a fat girl is fat and a love story between Anna Kendrick and Standard Movie Nerd Who Hopes The Girl Notices Him, then Pitch Perfect is for you.

This is a decent own, but it’s not like this particular actor who is supposedly in the movie is why millions love it. This would be like Rebecca De Mornay telling Bob Ryan to shut up because millions of people love Wedding Crashers. It’s funny, but we only know you are in that movie because IMDb says so.

This Twitter fight is scored in favor of Mintz-Plasse. The fight itself is a strong 8/10 because it never got personal and both combatants made solid points, but Isola let his guard down by allowing Pitch Perfect into the conversation when he should have used Kick-Ass 2.

A rematch would draw huge numbers on pay-per-view.

Until next time, we eagerly anticipate our next edition of “Twitter Fights.” Thanks for joining us. We now rejoin our regularly scheduled programming already in progress.