Meek Mill Torched Michael Rapaport For Calling Him ‘Trash’ During His All-Star Performance

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Meek Mill opened the 2019 NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte with a short set prior to team introductions, which, as with just about everything, was met with mixed reviews from those on Twitter watching the TNT broadcast.

In person, the set sounded perfectly fine, but musical performances don’t always translate well to the small screen and some did note Meek’s set sounded a bit off. That normally wouldn’t be worth making sweeping proclamations about his rapping ability or anything like that, but for noted loud basketball and rap fan Michael Rapaport, it was an opportunity to get some shine for a long Twitter rant about how Meek is “trash.”

There are a few more, but you get the gist. Rapaport, who you may know from his Twitter rant about Kristaps Porzingis or being Phoebe’s cop boyfriend for that one season on Friends, likes to do this kind of thing and views himself as a provocateur of sorts in the world of basketball and hip-hop, but his tweets made their way to Meek Mill, who laid into him and called him out for fan boying on him for a selfie in the not so distant past.

If you were wondering what would be the weirdest beef that could come out of NBA All-Star Weekend, Meek Mill vs. Michael Rapaport is definitely up there.