This Grizzlies Fan Won A New Car With An Incredibly Awkward Half-Court Shot

A Memphis Grizzlies fan’s day was made when he won an Audi A3 — a freakin’ Audi — by hitting a half-court shot on Sunday. Of course, you could infer this from the headline… and the video above. So rather than taking you though what happened step by step, it would be more prudent to talk about this guy’s technique.

It’s non-traditional, for starters. It’s almost like an overhead granny shot. First, he dribbles like he’s going to do a chest pass — you know, your garden variety half-court attempt — but then he completely stops all of his momentum. What was the point of dribbling in the first place if it wasn’t to get something going? In a sense, shooting from half court in his own way is almost more impressive. It takes more strength to shoot like you’re doing a throw in for a soccer game than it does to launch a ball with a running start.

The whole thing is super awkward, and at first glance one of two outcomes seemed likely: 1) it would result in an air ball, or 2) the ball would find itself in the sixth row behind the basket. Instead, this guy nearly hit nothing but net. And now he has an Audi. And we don’t.