The Memphis Grizzlies’ Mascot Ripped Its Uniform Off And Did A Terrifying Dance To ‘Pony’

11.08.16 1 year ago

The Memphis Grizzlies haven’t been the most entertaining basketball team in the NBA over the last handful of seasons, but there is still plenty of intrigue when it comes to the team inside its own arena. On Tuesday, the Grizzlies welcomed the Denver Nuggets to Memphis for an Election Night contest and, well, the team’s mascot stole the show in a huge way.

As you can see above, “Grizz” performed an elaborate dance to one of the internet’s favorite songs, “Pony” by Ginuwine. The song turns 20 years old in 2016, but that has not quelled enthusiasm for the moment in which the music begins. “Grizz” managed to encompass all of that feeling in one, over-the-top dance. In short order, the dance involved a removal of the Grizzlies jersey with various gyrations, and the assembled masses almost certainly took pleasure (or horror) in watching the terrifying extravaganza take place.

This isn’t the first time that this particular team’s mascot provided the internet with a viral moment, but most of the time, “Grizz” has operated in tandem with others. On this occasion, it took a solo performance to the limit and, in short, the mascot’s dance was the most riveting part of the night in the FedEx Forum in Memphis.

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