Metta World Peace, AKA “The Panda’s Friend,” Debuts Panda Doll Shoes

The NBA star formerly known as Ron Artest, Metta World Peace, will be playing his basketball in China this season. Expanding on the hilarious yet philanthropical news that his Chinese name henceforth is “The Panda’s Friend,” World Peace has released a signature shoe featuring, you guessed it, Pandas.

But a picture or drawing of a Panda likeness isn’t enough for World Peace. Indeed, he’s gone all out in his latest strange, altruistic endeavor, attaching Panda dolls to his sneakers – complete with a head for the tongue and ears on either for detail and realism.

Initial reports indicated that the Panda doll was removable from the shoes, but World Peace recently clarified otherwise. The message just wouldn’t be the same if they could be detached, right?


The Panda’s Friend is playing with the Sichuan Blue Whales of the CBA in 2014-2015. Any ideas for how he’ll pay homage to his new team’s namesake going forward? We’re at a loss, but excited to see World Peace’s next move.

(H/T Eye On Basketball)

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