Metta World Peace Already Knows What He Would Do If He Became President

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You have the exact same odds of being the next President of the United States as Metta World Peace. Because of this, you probably don’t have a plan in place in the event of your unlikely election.

World Peace, however, already knows what he is going to do in case he defies all odds and becomes the most powerful person on earth. Most importantly, he already has a Vice President and a few other members of his administration all selected.

He also wants to be a president who unifies people, and in an attempt to show this, he would hire the dude who threw a beer at him during the Malice at the Palace to an advisor position.

He ended up deleting this tweet, so maybe World Peace decided to change his mind on this one. Then again, an anti-war, pro-beer can throwing platform is one that he should reconsider, because it would be kind of weird if a dude whose last name was “World Peace” would ever lead the United States into war.

But he didn’t just lay out who he’d work with. World Peace went as far as to lay out several specific policy positions, like a limit on the size of fake booties and how long Game of Thrones can be off the air.

Sure his platform is…unconventional. But a World Peace White House would unquestionably the most unconventional in American history, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

(Via Sports Illustrated)