Metta World Peace Told Nick Young He Was Living In ‘Get Out’

03.01.18 1 year ago

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Nick Young of the Golden State Warriors is a big fan of Get Out, and it turns out he got a pretty unique recommendation to see the movie back when it was in theaters. The Best Picture nominee got high praise from critics and horror fans alike, and it’s one of the most original movies in recent memory. But maybe the story is not so original to Young and Metta World Peace.

Young was asked by The Ringer to review Oscar movies based on their trailers, and he told a hilarious story during his viewing of Get Out. As it happens, Young had already seen the movie, but not the trailer. He had a lot to say about it, including how he deeply related to the film, to the point that Metta World Peace told Young he was living a very similar situation to the movie

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