Meyers Leonard Will Help Make A Dream Come True For Local Underprivileged Students

02.21.19 4 months ago

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One of the best and most underappreciated parts of the NBA is the tremendous impact individual teams have on their local communities. Players and their organizations participate in all sorts of outreach initiatives that donate time, money, and resources to improving overall quality of life for those less fortunate.

Every year, the Blazers’ SB Nation site hosts a “Blazer’s Edge Night” in March, for which they gather donations designed to help send needy fans to a home game. As you might imagine, they get inundated with requests from throughout the local community, and this year, one particular request left an impression.

A local 5th grade teacher sent the following request in hopes that she might be able to procure tickets for her class, in particular a trio of students who she says are devoted basketball fans and have gained strength and confidence from the sport they love so much.

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