Meyers Leonard Rose Up For The Huge Jam And Then Gave The Stank Face

Say what you will about Meyers Leonard and his perfect hair, but the Kings weren’t laughing Friday night after his monster jam on Omri Casspi. Leonard put the icing on the cake when he gave the crowd the stank face afterward. Leonard has had a rough start to the season so far, but with Al-Farouq Aminu out for the next two weeks, he got the nod tonight against Sacramento in his place.

After a down season in 2015-2016, Leonard is hoping to rediscover some of that swagger made him a somewhat of a breakout performer for Portland two years ago. The Blazers forward has a tough assignment checking DeMarcus Cousins tonight but was able to get under his skin early on as the two got into a brief scuffle. Leonard has six points and three rebounds with just under four minutes remaining in the first half.