While Chris Bosh Works Toward A Comeback, The Heat Can Now Claim Insurance On His Contract

11.22.16 1 year ago

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To say September was an odd month for Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat would be a wild understatement. While most people were talking about the sad, dramatic, and even heartbreaking end of Dwyane Wade’s time in South Beach, Bosh’s situation is actually still sad, dramatic, and even heartbreaking. The 11-time All-Star’s ’14-15 season ended because of a blood clot in his lung, and he missed significant time in the ’15-16 season because of a blood clot in his calf. In September, Bosh reportedly failed his physical for the Heat, and Pat Riley admitted that the remaining member of the Big 3 was likely done in Miami.

A week later, Bosh declared that his “career’s not done,” and he vowed to get back on the court. After all, what contender wouldn’t kill to add such a talented and charismatic player for a bargain price? Then came the diabolical part: The Heat would reportedly wait until March 1 to waive Bosh, so no other team could claim him for the playoffs. Obviously, if Bosh is healthy and cleared to play, that’s pretty cold. However, as the Boston Globe points out, there’s a financial aspect to the decision as well.

The Heat and Chris Bosh are still at odds about his health and when he might be able to play again after missing significant time because of blood clots. League sources said Bosh definitely wants to play again, but it’s likely not to be in Miami. The Heat could waive Bosh, but if he played 25 games this season with another team, they would get no cap relief in doing so. The Heat could trade Bosh to a club that feels he could play immediately and push it to a championship level.

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