Hassan Whiteside Launched A Full-Scale Investigation Into The Mysterious Death Of A Parrot

08.13.17 2 years ago

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Everyone loves a good police procedural, whether it’s the more formulaic network stuff like Law & Order and the various CSIs, or the grittier investigatory work of prestige television shows such as The Wire and True Detective.

Either way, once we’ve finished watching a good cop drama, we like to fancy ourselves amateur sleuths when it comes to the more mundane mysteries of our everyday lives, like which one of my dirt-bag roommates has been drinking all my milk again or which neighbor keeps stealing my morning paper (we know it’s you, Ray).

For Heat center Hassan Whiteside, when a dead parrot turned up on his lawn over the weekend, he launched a full-scale murder investigation on his Snapchat in his own real-life episode of CSI: Miami.

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