Michael Beasley Is Way More Woke Than Kyrie Irving And Has Serious Questions About Science

Kyrie Irving has become the NBA’s most beloved woke superstar over the past year, namely for his musings on the earth being flat. Irving has since backed off of those comments a bit, claiming they were mostly a thought exercise and experiment he was using them to test how people would react — although, not completely admitting he was just trolling.

The new star of the Celtics clearly has some unique theories on life and the world around him, but he really isn’t anywhere close to being the NBA’s galaxy brain. That title belongs to Michael Beasley, who is as unique a character as the NBA has ever seen. Beasley has been out of the public eye for awhile after being a one-time NBA superstar in the making as the No. 2 overall pick out of Kansas State. He’s found himself a bit as a role player, most recently in Milwaukee, but still has aspirations to be a star in the NBA.

Now that Beasley is with the Knicks, he is back in a massive media market which means we have been reintroduced to the wonderful musings of the Beas. Recently, Beasley stopped by the SNY studios to join Taylor Rooks on her podcast (Timeout with Taylor Rooks) and things got super weird when Beasley decided to dive into questions about how science actually knows things.

Here’s the full, mind-numbing transcript for your enjoyment.

MB: You can research the human brain, right? And it says that we are only capable of using 10 percent of our brain. Right? You believe that?

TR: Yeah. That’s…

MB: You were about to say that was true.

TR: I’m saying that’s what people say. That’s the consensus scientifically.

MB: It’s the consensus scientifically. So who was the guy that used 11 that made it OK to say everybody’s just using 10?

TR: That isn’t the right logic. It’s the same person that uses 10 percent of your brain is the one that said 10 percent.

MB: No, because if you only use 10 percent of your brain, you don’t even know you’re using 10 percent of your brain.

TR: He knew it was 10 percent of your brain based on your brain. You don’t have to be using 11 percent to know someone else is 10 percent. … That is not mathematically correct.

MB: Who is he? Who is he? That is mathematically correct. Someone had to…

TR: You have to be using more than 10 percent of your brain to know that everyone else uses 10.

MB: Yes, because if you’re only using 10 percent of something, you don’t know the rest of the 90.

TR: Yeah, you’re right.

MB: I’m right! Perfect.

TR: No, you’re right about the 90 and the 10.

MB: OK, so, if I’m only using 10. I’m the first person in the world. Say I’m Adam. And I wrote we can only use 10 percent of our brains, that would mean I would have to surpass the number 10.

TR: No, OK let me break this down for you. If I’m a doctor and I’m looking at your brain…

MB: I get what you’re saying but a doctor has to learn something and everything a doctor learns is man written. And everything a doctor learn is man written. So you can sit there and tell me you learned it and I agree with you one hundred percent, but it was a word someone else concocted.

It’s truly incredible stuff from Beasley and I’m so glad he’s in New York where he’ll get to talk in front of that media market on a daily basis because more wonderfully weird things are going to come out of his mouth.

It’s also important to note Beasley is wearing three watches, including one on his right ankle.