This New Michael Jordan Gatorade Commercial Will Definitely Get You Hyped

The reason Michael Jordan is such a giant, advertising everything from sneakers to mutual funds, he’s motivated to be the best, no matter the circumstance. He might have just snatched the crown of “Best Athlete Narrator” with this latest Gatorade spot. Early Jordan ads portrayed him as a deity, performing unimaginable feats because he was clad in a No. 23 Bulls jersey. Now, he’s the wizened mentor for anyone wanting to assume the helm of greatness.

“We love sweat,” he starts, and then gently explains why all triumph comes with more than a little perspiration. The entire speech further deepens the sense of compassion that old-head MJ is so marvelous at illustrating. You’ll miss shots. You’ll lose. You’ll sweat. The ugly truths are supported by the most victorious athlete ever and, maybe, you’ll be hyped to leave the playing field a smelly, wet mess.

Because MJ made it okay.