Michael Jordan Gifted Kobe Bryant With A Complete Set Of Air Jordan’s

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02.13.16 8 Comments

Few, if any, basketball players have been linked over the course of their careers more than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Throughout Bryant’s lengthy career, which is coming to a close at the end of this season, he has been viewed as the heir apparent to Jordan. He came into the league as Jordan’s career seemed to be winding down, both of them possessed the ability to score in a variety of ways, and both of them are revered for being ultra-competitive guys with a bunch of rings.

It also helps that Jordan and Bryant are friends. Jordan was one of the first people to learn about Bryant’s retirement, and in a video that Jordan recorded for Bryant’s final game in Charlotte, MJ made it a point to mention that he views Mamba as his little brother. And like every good big brother, Jordan decided that he wanted to do something special for his little brother to celebrate a big plateau in his life.

During a Jordan Brand event on Friday night in Toronto, Jordan gifted Bryant a full set of Jordans in white and black. Here’s a picture of a few of Bean’s new kicks:

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