NBC’s Packers-Patriots Promo Has Michael Jordan Wanting The GOAT Debate Settled On The Field


The debate about the Greatest Of All Time will rage on in just about every sport forever, so long as new superstars challenge and surpass the records and legacies of the legends that came before them.

In basketball, the current debate is waged over Michael Jordan and LeBron James, leading to furious discussion and heated arguments about the merits of each, often hinging on stats vs. rings. In football, a similar argument is had about the best quarterback and whether that’s Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, with almost identical arguments to the Jordan-LeBron debate.

Brady has the rings, the postseason moments, and some incredible statistical seasons. Rodgers has a ring, but abilities possessed by few others if any, to go along with some unbelievable moments of his own. The two will go head-to-head on Sunday Night Football next week on NBC, and the network called in Jordan for a cheeky promo about GOAT debates.

When it first aired it didn’t note it was about football, and at first it seemed like it was about he and LeBron and him wanting it settled head-to-head, before cutting to the Rodgers and Brady images. It’s a pretty great promo spot and certainly got people’s attention, accomplishing its goal.