Someone Vandalized Michigan State’s Magic Johnson Statue

Michigan plays Michigan State this weekend in a matchup between two ranked college football teams. The game will likely have major Big Ten title implications, and could potentially matter in the grander College Football Playoff world as well, not to mention there being a Paul Bunyan statue on the line.

But we have not gathered here today to discuss the vitality of these two football teams. Some miscreants, most likely from the University of Michigan, have vandalized the Magic Johnson statue outside of the Spartans’ basketball arena. Ironically, the large “M” spray painted in gold could just stand for Magic. And if you’re going to vandalize a statue of such a magnificent basketball player, at least come up with something more clever than “Beat State.”

The efforts to clean up the statue are already underway, but the tagging should up the stakes ever so slightly in this weekend’s matchup. Outside of leading the Showtime Lakers to five championships, Magic also led Michigan State to a national title in 1979.

It’s unfortunate he had to be a casualty in this rivalry matchup, but sacrifices have to be made in the war for the Paul Bunyan trophy. The man himself has yet to weigh in, although chances are he’s not a big fan of having his own statue spray painted over. Who would be?

(via Alvin Ellis)