Everyone On The Internet Was Stunned After Michigan State Didn’t Get A One Seed

It’s that time of year again, when entire offices supposedly shut down for an entire month thanks to some amateur basketball games. Selection Sunday revealed the first surprise of the month when Michigan State (the Big Ten tourney champs) was given a #2 seed instead of a #1 as everyone expected.

Naturally, everyone was shocked. It’s never a good look when one of the statistical genius of our time is stunned to see a team get snubbed. Unless you’re betting on the “Selection Committee” of being as good with math and statistics as Nate Silver, it probably means they screwed up.

The Spartans have one of the best players in the country in Denzel Valentine, and you can bet they’re going to take some motivation from this slight. Tom Izzo is as experienced a coach as they come, not just in the X’s and O’s but also in how to get his teams ready to play. He’s coached college kids long enough to know what motivates them and how to channel that motivation and there’s a good chance some poor 15-seed is going to pay for it this coming weekend.

Good luck, rest of the field, you’re going to have a very fired-up Spartans team to deal with somewhere down the line.