Watch This Middle Schooler Win A League Championship With A Three-Quarter-Court Buzzer-Beater

Video above has very brief NSFW language.

January isn’t even over yet, but I am confident in saying that the best buzzer-beater of 2016 race is already over. There is no way anyone from high school, college, or the NBA is going to match the difficulty level of this middle-schooler’s buzzer-beater, and on top of it all, the shot won his team a league championship.

The video comes from Elmhurst, Illinois in a league called the Suburban Parochial League. In a matchup between St. Cletus and St. John’s of the Cross for the league championship, St. John’s of the Cross had one attempt to try and win the game before the final buzzer sounded.

The inbounder initially botched the play though, as a St. Cletus defender knocked it away, leaving the only option to be a desperation heave off a loose ball by the inbounder himself from the opposite foul line.

It’s surprising enough for an eighth grader to even be able to reach the opposite hoop with a heave from that far away, but for the shot to actually somehow go in is freaking incredible.

This kid might as well stop playing hoops now, because nothing he will ever do will top that shot.

(Via Deadspin)