Mike Bibby Has Been Suspended As A HS Coach After Allegations Of Sexually Abusing A Teacher

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Mike Bibby led Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix to its fifth state championship in six years over the weekend, but has been removed as volunteer head coach as the school completes an internal investigation into sexual abuse allegations against the former NBA star.

According to the Arizona Central, a restraining order was filed against Bibby by a teacher at Shadow Mountain, alleging Bibby sexually assaulted her in the parking lot outside the school in February 2017 after waving her over to his car.

According to the order, Bibby picked her up “around the hips” and carried her into the driver’s seat, her head on the console and her legs splayed out the open door as he laid on top of her. She smelled alcohol on his breath, she wrote.

He started to rub his body and genitals on her, groping her, she wrote, and he told her, “What I could do to you.”

She slid out from underneath him and moved toward the main doors of one of the school buildings, and he followed, she wrote in the restraining order.

The teacher then claims Bibby was regularly hanging around her classroom and the two eventually spoke, with Bibby admitting to her he had been drinking that day and asked if she would tell anyone about the incident. Bibby’s lawyer denied the allegation, saying he could say “with pretty much certainty” it didn’t occur.

The school confirmed a police investigation was underway to the Arizona Central and that Bibby was suspended until the investigation was completed. However, the school’s statement indicates they knew of the investigation and allegation for more than a week and did not suspend Bibby until after the state championships were over.

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