Mike Breen Encouraged NBA Fans To Do Their Part Against Coronavirus And Nailed A Jumper In New PSA

One of the people NBA fans may not even realize they miss so much right now is ESPN play-by-play announcer Mike Breen, who took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to encourage fans to practice hygiene and coronavirus-mitigation guidelines laid out by the United States Center For Disease Control and Prevention.

In his signature cutting, affirmative voice, Breen acknowledged how hard it is for all of us to not only be worried about the future, but be robbed of NBA games to keep us company during a strange time.

“We have to play our role,” Breen said in the video. “Most importantly, practice social distancing. It’s not just some phrase, it’s our way of life right now, and we have to practice it.”

That, Breen said, is the best (and probably) only way to assure we get pro sports in this country sooner rather than later. Think about it as a light at the end of the tunnel: Make ends meet now, listen to what is being asked of us as Americans, and then hear Breen’s soothing voice in the not-too-distant future.

To give a taste of what’s to come when the NBA season resumes, Breen finished the video with a self-made “BANG!” After he finished with his warnings about COVID-19, Breen nailed a silky jumper on what looks to be a court in his own backyard, then doesn’t even have to watch the ball go through the net before lobbing himself a certifiable “BANG!” It’s a little boost we all didn’t realize we needed, and hopefully there will be more soon if we follow what the medical experts in the United States say.