The Cavs Are The Only Thing Standing In The Way Of Mike Brown’s Coaching Redemption

06.01.17 11 months ago

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If there is one thing Draymond Green loves to do more than anything, it’s talk. The Warriors All-Star is extremely loquacious and loves to toss around superlatives to describe his Golden State teammates whenever he gets a chance. This is all part of Green’s ability to build confidence in his teammates, but he’s also usually quite sincere with his praise. That’s why it wasn’t too surprising to hear Green laud Warriors interim coach Mike Brown after he won his first game with Golden State in the first round of the playoffs against the Portland Trail Blazers. Yet while Green may have casually complimented Brown, it did hold some significance.Green called Brown the MVP of the game, specifically for his substitution patterns and ability to think on the fly in the heat of the moment.

”When [Brown makes] those decisions that he made like that on the fly, it shows why he’s been a head coach multiple times in this league. It shows why he’s been to the finals. Why he’s been around this league for 30 years,” Green said after Golden State’s Game 3 119-113 victory over Portland. ”He was thrown into the fire. He didn’t find out he was coaching until today, and to make decisions like that in a hostile environment about to lose game three, and to do that, that was pretty big time for him. So that was huge.”

While Brown won his first game with the Warriors, this wasn’t his first coaching opportunity. He’s not like Luke Walton, who became the Warriors interim coach at the start of last season due to Steve Kerr’s health issues. Walton was a newbie, having only been an assistant coach beforehand. Brown meanwhile has been a head coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers (twice) and the Los Angeles Lakers. Plus he has been an assistant in varying capacities for a numerous teams including the San Antonio Spurs.

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