Mike Brown Swiped At Tyronn Lue For Saying Boston Is Harder To Guard Than Golden State

05.25.17 11 months ago

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Tyronn Lue made a strange statement on Wednesday. Cleveland’s second-year coach was asked about whether he’s already planning for an NBA Finals matchup with the Golden State Warriors, and in a moment that some basketball fans may view as odd, Lue said that the Boston Celtics were actually harder to defend than the three-time Western Conference Champions.

Word of this apparently got back to Golden State’s interim head coach Mike Brown. In a delightfully blunt moment, Brown – who is manning the sideline while Steve Kerr recovers from back issues – fired back at Lue’s assertion.

In fairness to Lue, his statement makes a lot more sense in context, as he didn’t necessarily seem to mean that he believes Boston’s offense is better. If that was the case, every ounce of criticism he receives would probably be justified because the Warriors’ offense is horrifying.

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