Mike D’Antoni Changed His Opinion On Isos After Having Past Stars Who ‘Weren’t Real Efficient’

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Mike D’Antoni is a revolutionary in the world of basketball, as his revered “Seven Seconds or Less” Phoenix Suns are viewed as one of the teams that paved the way for the uptempo style of play that is heavy on taking (and making) three pointers. D’Antoni has been regarded as an offensive visionary and his Suns teams were something of the blueprint for the offensive changes the league has recently gone through.

So now that he’s in Houston and his Rockets often take advantage of the fact that James Harden and Chris Paul are tremendous 1-on-1 players by leaning heavily on isolation play rather than the pace and space style he popularized, some fans wonder what happened.

The answer is pretty simple: Harden and Paul are so good at this style of basketball that it’d be foolish not to have them cook. Of course, the irony of this is that D’Antoni has run into an issue with past players — particularly Carmelo Anthony in New York and Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles — who wanted to play isoball despite their coach’s requests. D’Antoni has even gone so far as to say the pair rejected his system.

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