We Tried To Figure Out How Much Money Mike D’Antoni Has Spent At Starbucks Over The Last 20 Years

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11.10.17 2 Comments

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Millions of Americans start the day by consuming a cup of coffee. Whether it’s a mug they brew in the comfort of their home or something that they pick up on their way to class/the office/wherever they need to go, having a cup of coffee is an important aspect of many morning routines.

You can count Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni among those who have to grab something to drink before they get their day going. And like many, D’Antoni has a go-to order: Starbucks’ sugar-free vanilla latte, size Venti.

Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated wrote about this strange addiction. It is strange because, as it turns out, D’Antoni isn’t actually a coffee fan. But he loves Starbucks so much that if he doesn’t get his hands on a cup of the warm stuff, he gets put into an awful mood.

He orders a Venti, sugar-free, vanilla latte, per usual, seamlessly scanning the loyalty rewards app on his phone. “I don’t actually like coffee,” Mike D’Antoni swears. “But I’m addicted to Starbucks.”

“Oh, it’s everyday,” says Hornets head coach Steve Clifford, a Lakers assistant under D’Antoni during the 2012-13 season. “I don’t care home, road, no matter practice or game, if you went into his hotel room—whatever it was—he’s gonna find a Starbucks.” “If he can’t get there, I don’t want to talk to him the rest of the day,” says Dan D’Antoni, the younger brother of the Rockets’ head coach.

I take my coffee black, so I have no idea if D’Antoni’s order is good or not.

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