Video: Mike Dunleavy Gets 10 Stitches & Comes Back On Fire

Maybe it’s all that time on the New York City subway, but Mike Dunleavy showed some cojones Thursday night in a Bulls blow out of the Rockets. With a little over seven minutes left in the second quarter, Chandler Parsons caught “Dun Dun” (â„… Joakim Noah) and opened up a bloody gash above his right eyebrow. But Dun Dun didn’t let the team down, and he was back on the court for an amazing third quarter.

Just check out this elbow Dunleavy took when he stepped in front of Parsons:

Don’t think it was that bad?

Um, yeah. Dunleavy looks like an extra in Blood Sport.

But Mike got 10 stiches and a bandage to return to the court in time for the second half. And what a half it was for the man Taj Gibson calls a “gangster.”

Dunleavy was 7-for-11 in the third quarter for 18 points and the Bulls extended their half-time margin by outscoring the Rockets 35-16 in the third session to cruise to a 111-87 win.

What do you think?

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