Mike Scott On His Parking Lot Fight: ‘We Had A Brawl Then Enjoyed The Football Game’

Mike Scott is a much-loved figure in the Philadelphia sports scene who made one mistake earlier this month: he attended an Eagles game as a fan of a much-hated rival. Scott is unquestionably himself, though, and so when Washington rolled into town he wasn’t going to just pretend he’s a diehard Eagles fan.

Scott talked a big game before the NFC East showdown to open the 2019 season, saying he was ready to fight for his team if the occasion warranted it. He said on Twitter he had “bond money” if anything went down, and it certainly appeared to when footage emerged that Sunday of a man who looked a lot like Scott scrapping with some Eagles fans who, most notably, brought a coffin to their tailgate.

No one was arrested and there really wasn’t much buzz about this in the weeks that followed, but Monday’s Sixers media day brought Scott in front of cameras and reporters and the question, predictably, came up. And Scott, to the benefit of us all, confirmed that he was the one throwing down with people who will absolutely be cheering for him when the Sixers take the court in October.

It’s a hilarious (and accurate) answer to something the Threegional Manager appears to have no interest in hiding: he fought some Philly sports fans for a bit and then everyone went on their way. He did later say he should have been the “bigger person” but also claimed there were “slurs” said that he couldn’t let slide.

This story is far less a scandal and more a glimpse of Scott’s personality and why Sixers fans, despite his football allegiances, love him. No matter what team you root for, it’s really hard to hate a guy who admits to a bunch of media that some dude was “poppin hella sh*t” at a tailgate and needed to be dealt with.


It’s going to be a really fun season in Philadelphia.