Mike Scott Apparently Fought With Eagles Fans Who Brought A Coffin To The Redskins Game

Mike Scott has become a Philly sports legend in his one year with the Sixers, with the Mike Scott Hive forming around the reserve forward out of Virginia.

Scott’s personality has ingratiated him to Philly fans, who love his brashness and confidence and Scott has loved being embraced by the city. However, Scott is a diehard Washington Redskins fan, so when the two teams met on Sunday in Philly, Scott promised to show up in full Redskins gear to hit some tailgates and, well, insisted on Twitter he was going to be ready for any and all response from the Eagles faithful.

Those tweets from Saturday night and Sunday morning became prescient as video emerged of Scott getting into a fight with some Eagles fans who brought a coffin to the tailgate.


As for whether that was indeed Scott, it’d be quite the coincidence if it were a different very tall Redskins fan wearing a Sean Taylor jersey and these pants.

Scott did say he knew this was a possibility and he was “wit all da sh*t.” As for the Eagles fans, you have to be pretty dumb to try and fight a professional athlete, but that’s about what one would expect from fans that bring an actual coffin to a tailgate. Scott ended up making it into the game and seemed none the worse for wear, although the Eagles comeback win probably wasn’t especially fun for him to watch after all that.