Miles Bridges Had The Dunk Of The Year On Poor Clint Capela

Miles Bridges has been on a mission this season. No, that mission has nothing to do with keeping the Hornets in the playoff race or turning himself into a star. While those are assuredly in his plans, his goal for the 2020-21 NBA season has been to dunk on the entire NBA.

Bridges has been on a tear this year with dunk contest caliber dunks seemingly every game. On Sunday, Bridges had his best one yet. Going against the Hawks, Bridges was met in the paint by big man Clint Capela. Now, Capela is one of the better rim protectors in the NBA so if anyone was going to stop Bridges it was him. He failed. He failed miserably, as Bridges took away his soul in the poster dunk of the year.

Look at how far back Bridges cocks this dunk. That is full arm extension and then Capela bounces off of him like he’s a pillow someone threw at Bridges mid-jump. Dunks like this happen maybe once or twice a season if that and we were all lucky to witness that.

This is a message to the entire NBA. When Bridges enters the lane with the ball you have two choices. Get out of the way or be ready for a poster, because this man is vicious.

Now, the good news for Capela is that the Hawks were able to pull of the comeback win, in large part due to his own defensive exploits beyond his unfortunate demise at the hands of Bridges.