Million Dollar Ballers Releases The “C-Webb” T-Shirt

Because he never won a title and perennially underachieved in basically every other stop during his NBA career, no one truly remembers how unreal Chris Webber was in Sacramento. Before injuring his knee, C-Webb was one of the best power forwards in the league during a time when the Western Conference was stacked — STACKED — with great four-men (Dirk, Garnett, ‘Sheed, Malone, etc.). But it wasn’t just that he was an All-Star. Most will at least give him that credit. It was that he revolutionized the position with a package of skills (incredible hands, nasty passing abilities, athleticism) that was borderline unfair.

Webber was one of a kind, and naturally, with Million Dollar Ballers digging through the crates to celebrate as many old legends as they can, C-Webb’s name was bound to come up eventually.

“With a dynamic all-around game, C-Webb was a throwback during his era,” says owner Greg Beers. “We’re honored to collaborate with him in giving back to the fans and community.”

“The C-Webb” t-shirt is currently available at their online store for $35, and can be purchased from sizes S to 2XL.

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