The Clippers Want Milos Teodosic To Cut Off His Hair And We Must Protect Him At All Costs

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Los Angeles is buzzing with excitement for a rookie point guard right now that’s transforming the game with his passing ability. I of course am talking about Milos Teodosic.

The 30-year-old rookie from Serbia is taking the NBA by storm thanks to the ridiculous passing exhibitions he’s been putting on in the preseason. For the past few years, Teodosic highlight reels have been passed around in corners of the NBA internet, as people fawned over his propensity to make ridiculous passes and his absurd court vision.

Now, Teodosic is here in the NBA with the Clippers, taking the reigns as L.A.’s resident point god from the recently departed Chris Paul. Part of the appeal of Teodosic is that he looks like a dock worker that stumbled into an NBA arena on his cigarette break and started dropping dimes. His flowing, unkempt hair and grizzly beard give him a certain everyman quality, but apparently some in L.A. want to change that.

Danilo Gallinari is also a new member of the Clippers, having been traded there by Denver, and he knows Teodosic well, having competed internationally against each other since they were teens. Gallinari was recently asked on the Petros and Money show on 570 AM in L.A. if they’re trying to get Teodosic to cut his hair and conform to a more “normal” American style, and Gallo confirmed that he and others on the team are pushing for it.

He likes that style. We’ve been trying, but he likes that style. … We are trying. Slowly, he’s going to change it. I promise.

I won’t stand for this. I get that your name is the “Clippers” so you think cutting hair is on brand for you, but stop it. Don’t be like the Yankees and pressure athletes into cutting their hair or beard. Part of the allure of Teodosic is that he doesn’t look like an NBA player, and yet he has these otherworldly abilities on the court with the ball in his hand. Let the man build his brand as “disheveled point god” and let us have the NBA’s version of Smokin’ Jay Cutler. Look how natural a recently lit cigarette looks dangling out of Teodosic’s mouth in literally any situation.

Don’t take this away from us and try to make him L.A. chic, Clippers. We must protect Teodosic’s hair at all costs and simply let Milos be Milos.