The Bucks Offered An Intriguing Package To The Cavs For Kyrie Irving

08.30.17 7 months ago

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Kyrie Irving was already the subject of the NBA’s most laborous drama long before Isaiah Thomas got invovled in the mess. Now that his hip injury is the make or break point of the two teams’ blockbuster trade, the long waiting game to see if Irving will get traded out of Cleveland has become an even longer game of waiting to see if the trade will be vetoed or reworked in some way.

The problem here is that the Thomas situation is one that is difficult to explain in simple terms. Thomas doesn’t think his injury is a problem, or one that will linger as long as the Cavaliers may think. Meanwhile, Boston says they were forthcoming in their diagnosis and the timetable for Thomas’ recovery. There’s also talk that Cleveland knew what would happen with Thomas and wanted to posture for more assets because of the injury’s severity, the nature of which they already knew.

But the easy way to fix all of this is to just veto the trade and pick another trading partner. Well, ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported on Tuesday that the Milwaukee Bucks may have emerged as the most likely alternative for Kyrie Irving should Boston and Cleveland not find a solution to their Isaiah Thomas problem.

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