The Timberwolves Asking Price For Jimmy Butler Reportedly Went Up After His First Practice

10.17.18 6 months ago

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Jimmy Butler will be in the Timberwolves lineup on Wednesday night when they open the season against the Spurs in San Antonio despite everything that’s gone on over the past month.

If you’ve somehow missed it, the short version is Butler requested a trade, Tom Thibodeau played hardball with other teams, the Heat and Wolves got close on a deal before Minnesota balked, Butler returned to practice and went after everyone, did a sitdown with ESPN that night and continued to fan the flames, and somehow he’s still not traded and the two sides are in agreement to play nice until a deal gets done. Yes, all of that is still the short version.

So, with the Timberwolves promising to continue working diligently to find a trade, one would assume that wouldn’t mean asking for more from potential suitors. One would be wrong to think that, because this is the dumbest timeline and somehow Butler’s practice tirade made the asking price go up in Minnesota, as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski explained on The Jump to the dismay of Rachel Nichols.

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