Mitt Romney Taunted Russell Westbrook After He Picked Up His Fourth Foul Against The Jazz (UPDATE)


Russell Westbrook’s frenetic style of play is endearing to fans and people who like to watch players fill up box scores, but there is a very obvious downside to how it works. When Westbrook is off his game, it can be absolutely brutal, even to the point that it actively hurts the Oklahoma City Thunder as they try to win basketball games because he’s taken off the floor.

An example of that came on Monday night in Game 4 against the Utah Jazz. Westbrook scored 15 points, pulled down four rebounds, and dished out a trio of assists, but he saw himself head to the bench with 96 seconds left in the second quarter because he managed to pick up four fouls.

As you can see, the crowd in Utah became absolutely unglued as Westbrook made the long walk to his bench. Just look at the fans in Salt Lake City cheer … WAIT IS THAT MITT ROMNEY?

So the 2012 Republican nominee for the presidency and the likely next senator from the state of Utah had some time to kill on Monday night and decided to go watch the Jazz. Ol’ Willard was also in a position so that he could actively taunt the reigning NBA MVP as he was checking out of the game.

Also, Romney was rocking the “frat guy at a party after a job interview” look, as he threw a jersey on top of a button down shirt. There is some debate as to the name on the back of the jersey, as Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post believes he is rocking a Rodney Hood, uh, throwback, I guess?

However, this number was also worn by David Stockton during his cup of coffee with the Jazz this season, so it is possible that Mitt Romney went “I’m going to drop some coin on a David Stockton jersey” and then did it. Here are some other players who wore this number for the Jazz.

The NBA is very weird.

UPDATE: Hi yes this is important. Thanks to Twitter user Mike Whelan, we have learned that Romney is wearing a customizable jersey. The name on the back is “ROMNEY,” which is … something.

I would love to know why Romney decided to get a No. 5 jersey — maybe he’s a big Lou Bega fan or something — but perhaps this mystery is best left unsolved.