Mo Bamba Cut His Hair After Losing A Bet With Shaq On The LSU-Texas Game

Shaq’s relationship with the last highly touted center drafted by the Orlando Magic has been, well, let’s just say not great. Shaq and Dwight Howard have engaged in a more than decade-long battle of increasing pettiness, that has even continued into this offseason.

Mo Bamba will hopefully not have to endure all that Dwight has — although some of that has been of his own doing — but the second-year big man out of Texas is doing what he can to have a more positive relationship with the Diesel. Earlier this year when LSU visited Texas in Week 2 of the college football season, Bamba decided to reach out to Shaq to place a wager on the game.

Shaq initially called for Bamba to “bet that twenty then,” but Bamba wasn’t too keen on putting $20,000 on the game, so he issued a friendlier wager: if Texas won, Bamba got to DJ a set at one of Shaq’s shows and if LSU won, Bamba shaved off his trademark high top. The Tigers did indeed top the Horns and Bamba paid up, showing up to Magic media day with a fresh cut.

Bamba is the second NBA player to take down a high top this summer, as Jaylen Brown also went to short hair this year. Brown’s cut wasn’t the result of a bet gone wrong, however, but Bamba is a man of his word and surely posted this to Twitter to answer any and all questions about why his hair is gone.