Monta Ellis Absolutely Buckles Amir Johnson’s Knees With This Killer Crossover

Earlier on Wednesday, we showed you a crossover by Jabari Parker from Tuesday night’s 99-83 Celtics win over the Bucks. It appeared as if Parker had yo-yo’d burrito inhaler extraordinaire Kelly Olynyk to the floor. Except, upon further examination, it was clear Olynyk stepped on Tyler Ennis’ foot, and that’s the only reason he collapsed on the court like he did. Call it poor timing on his part.

On Wednesday, another Celtics player, Amir Johnson (the amusing narrator of that Olynyk burrito video), was actually roasted on a pretty Monta Ellis crossover from the top of the key. And there was nothing that made Amir’s legs buckle other than Monta’s swift change of direction and explosion to the cup.


Perhaps it’s overkill, but we felt it deserved another angle because you can actually see Johnson’s legs give out when he realizes he’s going the wrong way. (Sorry Amir, but he smoked you good.)


It’s not really Amir’s fault, though. His big body got switched onto the fleet-footed Monta after a hand-off pick with C.J. Miles. Once that happened, it was just Monta taking his time to set up the ensuing move.

Ellis took a backseat to Paul George on the scoring front, though. PG-13 finished with a game-high 26 points (10/22) and 10 rebounds; Monta chipped in 13 of his own on 4-of-9 from the field. But Ellis did lead the Pacers with six dimes, too, and easily the play of the night with this crossover.