Monty Williams Was Voted Coach Of The Year By His Fellow Coaches

Monty Williams is one of those people who is impossible to not cheer for in some capacity. The current Suns coach began his career in New Orleans and guided the Pelicans back to the playoffs after some lean years in the post-Chris Paul era, lost his wife in a tragic car accident in 2016, and through it all has always managed to keep a positive outlook on life.

When Williams took over the Suns job the expectation was he would improve the team, but the results have been far beyond anyone’s expectations. He helped maximize Phoenix’s roster his first year and nearly stole a play-in tournament spot during the NBA’s bubble. After making roster improvements, Williams was handed a potential playoff team and he again exceeded expectations. 51 wins and second place in the Western Conference, the Suns are a contender once again and Williams has played a huge role in that. A role he was reportedly rewarded for when the NBA’s other coaches voted him as their coach of the year.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t the traditional Coach of The Year award, as voted on by the media. That one still hasn’t been announced, but there’s a definite value in being recognized by one’s peers like Williams has been. He’s someone that has worked hard to reach this point in his career and the other coaches recognized him for it, and that is something worth celebrating.

The next step for Williams will be the playoffs. While they don’t know their opponent yet, he and the Suns will have to face a tough Lakers or Warriors team in the first round. His team will be put to the test in a seven-game series no matter who wins that game, but if they pass that, they’ll have plenty of confidence to go on a deep postseason run.